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Appellate Overview

Often times, your case does not end after your trial has concluded. In fact, the stakes typically increase after your case concludes because one party is either attempting to protect the judgment they received or persuade an appellate court that the trial court erred in reaching the judgment it reached. After spending substantial time and resources at trial, retaining an experienced appellate attorney is critical.

Why the Digesti Law Firm for Your Appeal?

Our attorneys have extensive experience in appellate practice and procedure. Larry has briefed and argued both criminal and civil appeals before the Nevada Supreme Court. Matthew is a former law clerk to Nevada Supreme Court Chief Justice James W. Hardesty. Having both argued before, and worked as a law clerk in, an appellate court, the attorneys at our firm have a unique understanding of the appellate process and what it takes to succeed on appeal. We utilize our respective experiences in each appellate matter we undertake to provide the client with excellent representation on appeal.

Appellate Briefing and Oral Argument

Briefing is the first of two key components to any appeal. An effective appellate attorney is skilled at reviewing the trial record in detail, isolating key issues, conducting legal research to support or discredit key issues, and drafting the appellate brief to convey the client's position to the court. The appellate brief is the single most important document in the appeal. An effective brief can win your appeal. An ineffective brief can compromise your success at trial.

The second key component to any appeal is oral argument. While oral argument is ordered on rare occasions, when it is, counsel must be prepared to present a succinct and persuasive argument. Our firm prepares for oral argument in the early stages of the appellate process because we believe that briefing and argument are interrelated and must be developed simultaneously. We prepare for each appeal just as we do for trial - through a combination of experience, hard work, and taking nothing for granted.

Cost-Effective Representation

Our attorneys know the appellate process. With this knowledge comes the ability to streamline appellate representation and reduce costs. Clients and appellate courts expect a focused presentation, which is exactly what we deliver. At our firm, we do not use the "throw the kitchen sink" strategy. We understand that part of our responsibility is to exercise sound judgment when developing appellate issues and focusing on those that we believe are likely to persuade the court in our clients' favor. This approach allows us to provide excellent appellate representation in a cost-effective manner while preserving the credibility of our client before the court.

Amicus Briefing

Our attorneys also offer their appellate services for organizations seeking to file amicus briefs with an appellate court. Amicus Curiae is a Latin phrase that translates as "friend of the court." Typically, an appeal involves the examination of the record from the lower court as it pertains to the parties involved. Where a case may have broader implications, amicus curiae briefs are a way to introduce concerns of non-parties that the court's decision may impact. Amicus briefs can be a powerful tool for interested organizations if used properly. Our appellate experience allows us to counsel and file amicus briefs for organizations who feel their rights may be affected by decisions in certain cases.

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