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The Digesti Law Firm prides itself in offering its business clients smart and sophisticated solutions. We aggressively prosecute or defend business and commercial litigation disputes on behalf of entrepreneurs, established businesses, and professionals in the areas of contract, real estate, intellectual property, employment, business torts, unfair competition, and other areas of commerce. We employ a tough-minded, business-oriented approach to the assessment and conduct of litigation. However, representing a business client is much more than providing excellent litigation services it is a commitment to understanding your business, your business goals, and your business vision for the future.

Our Philosophy

Aggressive and experienced representation is essential to litigating any business dispute because business and commercial litigation can have far-reaching impacts beyond litigation. At The Digesti Law Firm, our goal is, first, to understand your business and its goals, evaluate the strengths of your matter, and advise you on whether settlement, mediation, arbitration, or trial is the best way to resolve your dispute. We feel that your business future is paramount and in order to protect it, we take pride in becoming very knowledgeable of not only the dispute, but your business as a whole.

Our Approach

We understand that litigation is time consuming and expensive. That is why we have developed a systematic approach to keep the litigation process efficient and focused.

  • Learn and understand your business, your business goals, and your business vision for the future.
  • Identify, early in the litigation, a unifying theme that allows us weave facts and legal theories into a persuasive and cohesive presentation favorable to your position.
  • Determine your objectives in the litigation and analyze how those objectives affect your business goals.
  • Prepare a case outline identifying all legal issues, legal theories, relevant facts, witnesses, documents, and demonstrative evidence necessary to prove or defend your case.
  • Fully utilize the first four steps to develop a trial strategy that emphasizes preparation and control.
  • Counsel you on the strengths and weaknesses of your case and whether settlement, alternative dispute resolution, or trial furthers your business objectives.
  • Where a reasonable settlement or alternative dispute resolution is unavailable, aggressively prosecute or defend your case at trial.

Our Experience

Our firm draws upon 35 plus years of litigation experience to provide its business clients with excellent litigation services. We have guided our business clients through settlements, mediations, arbitrations, and when necessary, trials. We have advised and represented clients in employment class actions, contract disputes, real estate disputes, intellectual property matters, business torts, and unfair competition claims.

Our attorneys understand business. Matthew graduated from a top 50 business school with a B.B.A. in Business Economics, and as a result of his hard work, was awarded a lifetime induction into an international economics honor society upon graduation. We utilize our legal and business experience to provide each client with tough-minded and business-oriented representation.

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